The Team

Meet Your Digital Marketing All-Stars

Nick Grosso

Nicknames: The Doctor, Photoshop Ninja, Nick "Half-Sandwich" Grosso, or "Jim" (don't ask)

Specialties: User Experience Modeling, User Interface Design

Nick loves a challenge. His wife advises, “don’t play him in a competitive game.” Why? Because winning is everything. This is especially true when it comes to winning for his clients, no matter what it takes.

Weapon of choice? He enjoys long sessions in front of his ridiculously oversized monitor, creating brag-worthy masterpieces for clients that he affectionately spends most waking moments with. He spends the rest of his time pretend-eating plastic fruit with his adorable daughter Lexi and amazing, marketing-minded wife Dara.

"Analyze, Strategize, Measure, Repeat."

--Nick Grosso

Dawn Chitwood

Nicknames: Dawnica, Dawn "The Guru", or The Dawnster

Specialties: Creative Digital Marketing Solutions, Search Engine Expert, Social Maven

Dawn has over 15 years of experience as an entrepreneur and brings a 360 degree approach to marketing strategies. From identity and branding to social media and content marketing, she innately understands the unique challenges and triumphs of small business owners. 

Weapon of choice? Extensive experience across platforms. Dawn prides herself on an intrinsic knowledge of the importance of social sharing and engagement in today’s digital landscape. Her professional creativity and tenacious problem-solving often carries over to her other role, as a happily married mother of two with a penchant for DIY projects.

"Never stop testing."

--Dawn Chitwood

Katherine Maddux

Nicknames: Kat, The Content Queen

Specialties: Strategic Content, PPC, SEO Blogging, Brand Language, Social Media Advertising

Katherine is happiest when she is connecting brands with their target audiences. Her lifelong love of creative writing is outpaced only by her genuine interest in people. She loves drilling down to the core of your market and figuring out what makes them tick (and click!). With a background that includes museum marketing and small business management, Katherine “gets it.”

Weapon of choice? A life-long learning mentality, fueled by lots of coffee and fresh playlists. Katherine is constantly absorbing information and finding new weapons to add to her digital marketing arsenal. When she isn’t developing content strategies, Katherine is getting lost in the woods, floating down the French Broad, or cracking open a cold beer with her husband, Andy, and their beloved dog, George.

"Compelling Content Delivers Value With Every Word."

--Katherine Maddux

Anthony Grosso

Nicknames: T-Dawg, T-Bone, Code Wizard or "Jeff" (don't ask)

Specialties: Responsive CSS, Wordpress Mastery, PHP/MySQL

Anthony has been programming for nearly 5 years and specializes in the development of fully responsive websites. Through WordPress customization, Anthony helps BRAVADO deliver killer websites that are completely editable (you’re welcome). Anthony’s favorite part of every project is seeing the completed website in action.

Weapon of choice? A deep working knowledge of a wide range of web technologies including html5, css, php, MySql, and Javascript. This base helps Anthony translate a client’s needs into a highly functional website. When he isn’t developing beast-mode custom websites, Anthony enjoys kickboxing, jiu jitsu, and playing guitar.

"It's Never As Complex As You Think."

--Anthony Grosso

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