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What Is Pay Per Click?

Pay Per Click (PPC) is a great way to get your product, service or organization in front of potential customers by paying your way in front of them in search engines and social networks. Our team gives our Pay Per Click clients a chance at exposure they otherwise might not be able to afford.

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How Does Pay-Per-Click Achieve My Marketing Goals?

Direct Targeting

Through tireless keyword research and constant revisions, we are able to pinpoint the mindset of your ideal audience.

Pay As You Grow

Want to start small? No problem. The beauty of pay-per-click is the ability to test the waters with a reasonable audience, prove the concept, and expand your budget as you see the potential for greater results.

Dollars-for-Dollar Tracking

The tools that we use allow us to provide reports that show exactly how much you’re spending compared to how much you’re making.

"Instead of trying to make everyone happy, focus on making a small group of people extremely happy."

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Our Process

Educated Experimentation Has Perfected Our Roadmap


Extensive Research

Our investigative stage provides us with a clear picture of your competition, what they’re spending on PPC, and your potential for return.


Strategy Development

We pride ourselves on the ability to provide our clients with a roadmap of short-term, achievable milestones that ultimately lead to goals.


Keyword Structure & Ad Creation

Through the use of well-researched, long-tail keyword phrases, targeted smart-ad structuring, and thorough up-front cost-per-click analysis, we engage your potential customers’ mindset.


Metrics & Reporting

Persistent revision serves as the base of our model. We use a robust reporting suite in order to give our clients unparalleled access to new visitors and, ultimately, customers.

Pay-Per-Click in Action

"BRAVADO created an amazing adwords campaign for us in a very trust-oriented market."


Tripled call volume & contacts

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