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What Does SEO Entail?

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, includes a wide range of onsite optimization tactics to position your business in the top search results for targeted search terms (keywords). We figure out what your target audience is searching for and then use this knowledge to get you found. Why does organic search matter to your business? It is the best way to reach hot leads when they are actively looking to buy your product. Not to mention, smart search keeps you ahead of the competition.

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"There's a method to our madness"

-- Nick Grosso

How Can Search Help You Reach Your Goals?


There is a certain level of credibility that can only be achieved through organic search. When you show up in search (sans ad), this signals to the consumer that you earned your position. Of course, we love Pay-Per-Click, but we especially love when PPC and organic SEO work together. Together, this dynamic duo gives you serious street cred and the revenue growth to back it up.


By optimizing your website for organic search, you are inherently making your website more relevant to your visitors. Armed with your target keywords and a whole lot of coffee, the BRAVADO team gives your websites a top-to-bottom SEO makeover. The end result? A website that walks the walk and delights your visitors with useful and compelling information. We take a serious "no-fluff" approach.

Measurable Results

Like everything we do, your organic SEO is measurable. We keep detailed records of your monthly progress and keep you in the loop to pinpoint new opportunities and make sure we are meeting (surpassing!) your goals.

"Instead of trying to make everyone happy, focus on making a small group of people extremely happy."

Bravado Mantra #93

Our Process

There's a method to our madness


Baseline Analysis

We put ourselves in your target’s shoes to see where you are already ranking, where you need to be ranking, and where your competition is ranking.  Our team identifies the best opportunities for search success based on a variety of data points. 


Keyword Research

What are buyers actively searching for? Our search experts conduct extensive keyword research for an SEO strategy that will deliver tangible results.


Weekly Tracking

Search is continually evolving, so we stay on top of your results with consistent weekly tracking. We make sure that you are getting the results (sales!) you want. We use our insights to achieve bold results.


Ongoing Support & Strategy

As your business and your goals grow, we are right alongside you to make sure your SEO strategy grows with you. Have a new product, service, or location? A scalable SEO strategy will help you stand out from the competition.

SEO in Action

BRAVADO optimized our new website and we saw a huge uptick in relevant organic traffic.


Increased website traffic

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