The Team

Meet Your Digital Marketing All-Stars

Max Volkov

Nicknames: Uncle Max, Maestro, Maximus

Specialties: User Workflow, Process Efficiency Strategies, Data Interoperability Expert

Max has a knack for masterfully organizing what are traditionally very complex tasks with ease. His ability to calmly and expertly coordinate client requirements, identify opportunities, and execute multi-technology “master plans” has earned him the nickname “Maestro” among the team.

Our clients appreciate his cool/calm demeanor, ability to offer multiple paths to a goal, and his insatiable thirst for providing insight into emerging technologies.

Max enjoys spending time outside of the office with his wife and three beautiful children, showing off his cooking skills and volunteering with his local church.

"Better Processes Create Better Experiences"

--Max Volkov

Nick Grosso

Nicknames: The Doctor, Photoshop Ninja, Nick "Half-Sandwich" Grosso, or "Jim" (don't ask)

Specialties: User Experience Modeling, User Interface Design

Nick loves a challenge. His wife advises, “don’t play him in a competitive game.” Why? Because winning is everything. This is especially true when it comes to winning for his clients, no matter what it takes.

Weapon of choice? He enjoys long sessions in front of his ridiculously oversized monitor, creating brag-worthy masterpieces for clients that he affectionately spends most waking moments with. He spends the rest of his time pretend-eating plastic fruit with his adorable son Tyson, applying fake make-up in princess attire with his daughter Lexi, or discussing the intricacies of navigating the passionate perils of parenthood with his wonderful, marketing-minded wife Dara.

"Analyze, Strategize, Measure, Repeat."

--Nick Grosso

Anthony Grosso

Nicknames: T-Dawg, T-Bone, Code Wizard or "Jeff" (don't ask)

Specialties: Responsive CSS, Wordpress Mastery, PHP/MySQL

Anthony has been programming for nearly 5 years and specializes in the development of fully responsive websites. Through WordPress customization, Anthony helps BRAVADO deliver killer websites that are completely editable (you’re welcome). Anthony’s favorite part of every project is seeing the completed website in action.

Weapon of choice? A deep working knowledge of a wide range of web technologies including html5, css, php, MySql, and Javascript. This base helps Anthony translate a client’s needs into a highly functional website. When he isn’t developing beast-mode custom websites, Anthony enjoys kickboxing, jiu jitsu, and playing guitar.

"It's Never As Complex As You Think."

--Anthony Grosso

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