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About Bravado Creative

Short answer: Bravado Creative is headquartered in Asheville, NC because that is where our team lives. Long answer: We decided to start a marketing agency in Asheville because we think it's the best place to eat, drink, live, and work.

Our office is located in the historic Flat Iron Building in downtown Asheville, which puts us within walking distance to hundreds of restaurants, breweries, art galleries, coffee shops, and so much more. Did we mention we can see the mountains from our office window?

Since we can connect with our clients via phone, email, and video conference, our location does not limit us from working with national and international brands. We also leave our mountain enclave on occasion to attend conferences and client meetings :)

Our balanced approach to agency work empowers our team members to utilize their strengths. We often eat lunch as a team and relish new beer releases at our favorite breweries. This comradery spills over into our team approach to client marketing problems. We use our combined and diverse experiences to develop well-rounded marketing strategies.

We firmly believe that happy employees are the best employees. As a result, our clients receive unwavering attention to detail, transparent communication, and real results. We support our team in a way that avoids burn-out, boosts creativity, and encourages productivity. This in turn supports the goals and vision of our clients.

Yes. Bravado Creative works with a wide range of clients: local, regional, national, and international. Our clients include financial services providers, local brick and mortar shops, artists, real estate investors, health practitioners, home services experts, and security companies.

The Bravado Creative team boasts diverse business backgrounds from restaurant management and museum marketing to entrepreneurial pursuits. Our diverse experience enables us to tackle strategies across industries, locations, and business sizes.

There are a variety of reasons for hiring a marketing agency. We believe that the #1 thing an agency can provide for you is expertise. You know your business and your industry like the back of your hand. We know how to connect your products or services to your target audience. You can think of a marketing agency as a bridge between your business and your target market.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing refers to all of the parts of your marketing that are online. This includes your website, social media platforms, directory listings, email campaign, search engine optimization, landing pages, blogging, ebooks, infographics, and interactive digital tools.

Traditional marketing encompasses your print campaigns, broadcast media, direct mail, and telephone marketing. A traditional marketing strategy is often used as a part of an outbound approach. Digital marketing lends itself to the inbound marketing methodology.

As we see it, one clear benefit of digital marketing is that you can track results and attribute conversions to the responsible channel. This "closes the loop" for a complete picture of how your marketing and sales funnels work together to drive business.

Outbound marketing refers to strategies where your company reaches out directly to your target market and says, "Hey, buy our products and services.

Inbound marketing takes a value-driven approach to nurture your target market. Instead of using an immediate Call-to-Action, inbound marketing uses strategic content, organic search search, reputation management, and social media to reel in highly qualified leads. Inbound marketing is less concerned with increasing your raw website traffic and more concerned with increasing your conversion rate.

Bravado Creative builds inbound marketing strategies that deliver value and funnel your customers through a marketing and sale funnel.

An expertly designed and well-executed digital marketing strategy delivers highly qualified leads to your sales team. Instead of weeding out irrelevant leads, they can focus on converting the warmest leads. This increases your conversion rate and makes your sales team very happy. Trust us.

Your marketing strategy depends on your industry, company size, location, and so many other factors. For this reason, we won't tell you that traditional marketing is dead. If your clients respond well to direct mail, print, and broadcast marketing, then by all means, you need to continue engaging these tactics.

The Bravado Creative team will work with you to assess your current strategies, identify weaknesses, develop opportunities, and create a cohesive strategy to help you reach your goals. When we bring on a new client, we spend considerable time conducting an audit of your current efforts. We use this digital audit in conjunction with deep market research to develop digital marketing strategies that deliver bold results.

Hiring Bravado Creative

We think of ourselves as an extension of your in house team. Bravado Creative is your partner in every sense of the word. We are fun, goal-oriented, data-driven, and transparent. Your time is valuable and we will never waste it.

If you are looking for a digital marketing partner who will encourage you to think bigger, help you navigate around obstacles, and work alongside you to build your business, we are a great fit.

All of our pricing reflects the number of hours that goes into your strategy. We also account for the digital resources we will need to execute your plan. Bravado Creative used to offer 4 tiers of monthly marketing. We quickly discovered that no 2 companies are alike (duh)! As a result, we now create pricing packages based on your specific needs.

Contact us today if you want more information. We are very up front and are happy to give you an estimate based on your digital marketing goals.

You can fill out the form at the bottom of this page or give us a call 828-484-1760. We can't wait to connect and figure out how we can help you grow.

Bravado Creative typically works with clients using 12 month contracts. We are happy to address your specific needs, but we ask for a minimum 6 month commitment. Why? Inbound digital marketing strategies build on each other and grow stronger over time.

Tactics like SEO and PPC require weekly monitoring and continual optimization to reach our high standards. For example, most people will tell you that a 2% conversion rate on your PPC campaign is above average. We aren't happy until we see you around 10%. Most of our clients are long term partners with whom we have worked for multiple years.

"The successful warrior is the average man, with laser-like focus."

-- Bruce Lee

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