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How Does Branding Work?

Your brand identity is the backbone of your business. Failure to develop a cohesive and alluring brand is the number one business-killer.  A clear and consistent design aesthetic and an authentic brand voice will set you apart from the competition.  World-class branding says everything, without saying a word.  

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"To be successful, you have to have your heart in your business, and your business in your heart."

-- Thomas Watson, Sr.

Examples of Our Work


Boca Theater & Automation

Brand, Print & Website Development

See The Website In Action See Next ExampleBankLine

Boca Theater & Automation is the defacto standard for elite-level home theater and technology options in south Florida, providing unmatched, lifestyle-enhancing technology options to high-end homeowners and business magnates.  They approached BRAVADO with the need to re-think their public-facing brand and web presence, in addition to business cards and signage.

Execution timeframe: 6 weeks



BankLine, the only truly Bitcoin-friendly banking option for Bitcoin ATM operators and exchanges, approached us with the need to create a scalable brand presence, powerful messaging, a modern/accessible web platform, and provide for the engine that drives new potential customers to visit the website.

Execution timeframe: 5 weeks


Boca Raton Community Church

Boca Raton Community Church asked BRAVADO to plan and create a web presence that represents the outreach-minded spirit of their church, complete with an extensive, searchable media library, flexible staff engine, and an extendable events calendar.  The project, spanning the course of 90 days, was completed on-time and on-budget.

Execution timeframe: 3 months


National Check & Currency

Brand, Print & Website Development

See The Website In Action See Next ExampleFBS Doors

National Check & Currency approached us in 2008 with the need to build a brand mark, web presence, and full spectrum of print media that represent the game-changing, redundant banking services that they offer to money service businesses (MSBs).  We are so proud of their growth and continued success.

Execution timeframe: 8 weeks


FBS Doors

FBS Doors, the leader in intruder-immune, secure doors and windows, approached BRAVADO with the need for an elegant, easily understood brand mark, informative web presence, and enticing print media that included trade show booth signage, handouts, and brochures.

Execution timeframe: 6 weeks


Boca Raton Christian School

Boca Christian approached BRAVADO with the need to completely re-think the way that their students, parents, faculty, and the inquiring public interact with their programs and information.  We delivered a robust, role-driven back-end/front-end that allows administrators to create new pages, events, programs and more without sacrificing aesthetics.

Execution timeframe: 10 weeks

Why Are Branding & Design Vital to My Success?

First Impressions Are Everything

The last time you visited a website that looked terrible, chances are that you thought to yourself, "If this company cares this little about the their website, there's a good chance their other business practices follow suit." Most people think this way. Statistically speaking, more than 85% of first-time web visitors make the decision to trust your message or pitch based upon the look of your website, and within seconds.

You have a very short window of opportunity to grab and maintain your visitors' attention. Make it count.

Consistency Is King

The best way to build brand visibility is through consistency. Our team will design a cohesive brand identity that speaks to your target market. We will also provide you with a handy brand guide to take the guesswork out of your digital presence. From email templates to social media profiles, we will give you the tools to build brand recognition.

Build Brand Loyalty

By creating and maintaining an alluring brand, you are encouraging brand loyalty. Your target audience wants to be a part of brand communities that align with their aesthetic preferences. A knock-out brand shows that you "get it" and are ready to earn their trust and their business.

"Marketing is finding out what motivates your target market."

Bravado Mantra #2

Our Process

We are passionate about killer branding


Creative Brain-Mapping

Our design services are different from the start. After the design team creates their initial concept, they open it up to the entire agency. Together, we think critically and utilize every unique point of view at our disposal to fine tune your design elements and brand identity. The result? Branding that really works.


Design Development

Once we have pinned down the essence of your brand, our designers get to work carefully crafting top-tier designs.  We keep the lines of communication open and work hard to create dynamic branding elements that are ready to scale with you as your business grows.


Brand Roll-Out & Implementation

Bravado makes sure that you have branding for every piece of the puzzle, from web to social media and email. We are committed to developing comprehensive and consistent brands with slick design elements that impress with every click.



With a new smartphone debuting every month and continual system upgrade reminders, we design with the tech evolution in mind. By creating sound and forward-looking websites, we help you stay relevant far beyond this week’s tech cycle. We are committed to designed scalable digital solutions that can keep up with business expansion.

Branding & Design In Action

BRAVADO helped us rebrand our business to enter a new market. We get great feedback on how sharp and usable our website is.


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