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What Is Content Marketing?

If you are ready to grow your business, you need content marketing. Content marketing refers to the use of strategic original content to acquire new customers and build brand loyalty.  Effective content marketing speaks directly to your target market and delivers value with every word.  Your audience demands high quality valuable content. Don’t you think it’s time to give it to them?

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How Does Content Drive Revenue?

Website Traffic

Today’s savvy consumers can see straight through your run-of-the-mill marketing efforts. Great content catches the eyes of your potential customers and reels them into your website.

Lead Capture

Enticing premium content is hosted on strategic landing pages and can only be downloaded after your leads enter their contact information. An example might be: "Enter your email to receive our Digital Marketing Strategy eBook!". The idea is that you're offering value in return.

Build Trust

By consistently delivering quality content, you will earn the trust of your leads as they make their way along the funnel. When it’s time to purchase, you are top of mind.

Brand Visibility & Reach

Increase your brand’s visibility and reach in the market with audience-centric content. By focusing on the needs of your audience (NOT your products / services), you build an authentic brand that focuses on the consumer, while building authentic brand loyalty.

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Our Process

We build scalable strategies from the start


Research & Analysis

The first step in content marketing is to figure out where your audience is and which types of content they want to digest. Our digital marketing sleuths will also check out your competition to see where you can gain an edge.


Strategy Development

We help you untie the ever-changing knot of digital platforms and formats. Our team makes data-driven recommendations for a killer content strategy. Effective content has many forms: website copy, blog posts, industry articles, and lead magnets (eBooks, how-to guides, templates) are a few of our favorites.


Content Creation & Scheduling

Our content strategists put their pens to paper (hands to keyboard) and let it rip. Armed with cold hard data, we organize, optimize, and schedule your content across platforms for maximum reach and performance. You get to sit back and relax while we make you look good.


Metrics & Reporting

The numbers don’t lie. We meticulously track your key content metrics and schedule strategy phone calls to keep you in the loop. If you want to take it to the next level, ask us about SEO.

Content Marketing in Action

BRAVADO helped us catch the eye of an industry heavyweight with a killer article.


Landed huge client

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