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Why Do I Need Email Marketing?

Email marketing helps you build trust with potential leads and delight your current customers. At Bravado, email marketing goes far beyond the simple newsletter blast. We build cohesive email nurture campaigns to support your multi-channel marketing strategy.  

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"Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm."

-- Ralph Waldo Emerson

How Does Email Marketing Drive Business?

Build Trust

A thoughtfully crafted email nurture campaign helps you build trust with new leads. Instead of diving right into the hard sell, our campaigns deliver value and gently usher leads through the marketing and sales funnel.

Brand Awareness

When it comes time for your lead to make a purchase, you are top of mind. How does that work exactly? Say you need to buy a new mattress... What pops into your head first? I bet your initial thoughts include Sealy, Sleep Number, or Serta. That's brand awareness in a nutshell. Rather than investing in a nationwide (multi-million dollar) tv campaign... you can achieve brand awareness through hyper-targeted email.

Brand Loyalty

OK, so what about those awesome customers you already have? Juicy and interesting emails will delight your existing clients and build brand loyalty. Today's consumers are savvier than ever before and they demand value at every turn. Give it to them with a campaign built to encourage repeat business and build your word-of-mouth referral power.

"A happy team is a productive team"

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Our Process

Fueled by extensive research, adaptive split-testing & targeted content


Research and Targeting

Together, we will work to set your goals and design an email marketing strategy that is authentic to your brand. We will decide on key metrics, build a custom email template, and develop a robust email campaign to support your marketing strategy.


List Building

Before you send emails, you need to build a relevant and interested list of leads. Together, we will determine the best approach, integrate email sign-up forms, and discuss premium lead magnet strategy.


Nurture Design

We design nurtures that deliver serious value with every email. Using your brand voice, we create emails that are chock full of insider tips, industry secrets, and relevant original content. We are anti-spam and pro authentic connection.


Split-Testing & Implementation

Every nurture and campaign starts with split-testing. We will simultaneously deploy 2 versions of each email to test subject lines, click through rates, and conversions. We analyze each split to pick the emails that will deliver the boldest results.


Metrics and Reporting

Email marketing is not a “sit back and watch” game. We continually monitor your key metrics and use our findings to tweak emails to perfection. Our team is not happy with industry standards. We believe that there is always room for improvement.

Email Marketing in Action

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