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Is Social Media Relevant For My Business?

Social media isn’t a hard sell, it’s a two-way conversation. We use carefully-selected platforms to help you foster an online community and increase your online reach.  You will fall in love with social media for its word-of-mouth capabilities and its transparent nature (we promise). When used effectively, social media can be a powerful ally on your journey to growth and success. If you are incorporating original content into your marketing strategy, social media is one of the best ways to share this content.

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"Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm."

-- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Why Should I Be Using Social Media?

Get Past The Filter

Today's consumer can see through your #basic marketing outreach. They are not interested in being "sold to," they are interested in being heard. They don't care about your amazing product, they want to know how your product will improve their life. Social media helps you get past their "sales" filter, connect, and start the conversation.

Build a Community

First and foremost, social media is about community building. It's success stems from the two-way conversation. This format helps you forge connections with hard to reach leads and build valuable relationships. When done well, these relationships make it to the "next level," and can land you sales. But, in the meantime, your target audience is constantly being bombarded from your competition and other distractions. Let your social media community become a proverbial shelter from the "sell-sell-sell" storm.

Drive Website Traffic

Ok, this is all fine and dandy, but will social help you sell? The answer is a resounding YES. When you share valuable original content on your platforms, you drive traffic to your website. And you are not driving just any traffic, you are driving highly relevant lead traffic.

"Effective marketing forges strong connections"

Bravado Mantra #4

Our Process

We get it, social media is overwhelming. Let us take it off your overflowing plate.


Competition Research

We start with a stealth recon mission to see what your competition is doing and if it’s working. We identify your comparative strengths, opportunities, threats, and weaknesses to decide where you need to be.


Strategy & Campaign Creation

Once we know where we need to be, it’s time to decide the what and the why. Which formats and types of messaging connect with your target audience. How does your ideal client like to consume social media? From here, we design your campaigns, pinpoint valuable key metrics, and flesh out your plan.


Multichannel Integration & Scheduling

Your BRAVADO team sets you up for success with optimized channels, custom graphics, and well-researched publishing schedules. Everything we do is backed by data and designed for results.


Monthly Management

Social media is a long term commitment and lucky for you, we are ready to commit. We handle your posting, comment moderation, messages, and ongoing maintenance. We analyze the results to constantly improve and refresh our strategy.


Reporting & Analysis

The numbers don’t lie. We track your progress and results in our handy monthly tracking report. You receive an email summary and a 30-minute monthly strategy call so that we are all on the same page. That’s just how we roll.


Social Advertising

Ready for even bolder results? Hyper-targeted social advertising campaigns can help you build your audience, increase engagement, build brand awareness, tell your brand story, drive website traffic, and support revenue growth. No two campaigns are alike.

Social Media In Action

BRAVADO helped us turn our Facebook audience into an engaged community. We are harnessing the power of social media and building a network of brand advocates.


Building brand loyalty & driving sales

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